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According to the conference agenda, many professional discussions will be held, in addition to scientific seminars and workshops addressed by specialists from the different sectors related to the water desalination field, its latest products and services. A group of experts from various local, regional and international authorities and organizations will contribute to the scientific aspect of the conference.

In fact, ARWADEX is one of the most important international conferences in the field of water desalination and the largest regional specialized gathering designed to discuss water desalination researches and sustainable technologies and economics.

ARWADEX conferences have always contributed, and will continue to contribute to the provision of available investment opportunities in the field of water desalination and researches on the issues related to the advisory activities and contracting in water desalination field, to the private sector.

  1. Mechanisms enabling the application of desalination research results in the commercial operation field.
  2. Researches and studies financing (financing legalization and efforts consolidation)
  3. Integration of desalination in the water resources system and sustainability thereof in Arab Countries.
  4. International modern guidelines in desalination techniques.
  5. Presentation of developments of alternative and renewable energy applications in desalination sector.
  6. Presentation of successful experiences in desalination applications in Arab Countries.
  7. Cadres and expertise building in the desalination field and transfer and localization of the technique.
  8.  Desalinated water transportation (pipelines and pumping stations). 
  9. Institutional building investment desalination system in the Arab countries

  1. Developed desalination techniques (membrane-Thermal)
  2. Desalination economics (construction-operationmaintenance- privatization)
  3. Localization of desalination industry & promotion of industrialization in Arab Countries
  4. Hybrid water and energy production systems
  5. Uses of alternative and renewable energy in desalination stations
Conference Program