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Professional Discussion Sessions
  1. Processes adopted in the Arab countries to prepare the specifications, award water desalination project and supervise the implementation thereof
  • Presentation of the (UAE, Kuwaiti, Bahraini and Saudi) experiences
  • Determination of the specifications for the award procedures
  • Supervision and implementation
  1. International research trends of current and future researches
  • Researches topics
  • Research centers financing
  • Registration of patents and researches
  • Provision of the opportunity to apply researches on a commercial level
  1. Future of the desalination industry and its localization
  • Role of the governmental institutions in the localization of the water desalination industry
  • Role of developers, private sector and advisors in the localization of the water desalination industry
Scientific Sessions
  • Developments in the reverse osmosis and thermal desalination
  • Promising desalination techniques
  • Efficiency of the alternative and renewable energy in water desalination
  • Raising the efficiency of traditional energy (increasing the production of desalinated water using the same quantities of energy)