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  • Exchange expertise between stakeholders in Arab Countries in water desalination and environment sector through the presentation of successful water desalination technique development experiences and expertise to develop and sustain this technique.
  • Encourage and promote research and technical development cooperation between research authorities in Arab Countries and internationally, by opening the door to cooperation in the field of specialized research studies in line with the region environment and by providing channels of communication between individuals and parties concerned with water desalination research with the aim of consolidating research efforts.
  • Encourage the private sector to invest in water desalination projects by presenting construction, operation and maintenance investment opportunities.
  • Contribute to the transfer and localization of the technique in Arab Countries by urging the companies specialized in saline water desalination sector to establish plants in Arab Countries.
  • Raise the level of saline water desalination workers through training and rehabilitation and ensure the transfer of knowledge and expertise to the future generation of engineers and technicians. 
  • Identify the feasibility of the use of alternative energies in desalination sector, in addition to the steps taken to date in Arab Countries.